Kangaroo Adjustable Insert


• Made in the USA with Barry-compliant materials
• Securely holds various magazines and equipment
• Fits most plate carrier kangaroo pouches
• Included in the Noontime™ Plate Carriers
• Individually adjustable to equipment size
• Facilitates rapid access to equipment.
• Retention tab colors: Black or Green

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  • Color

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Determine your Depth

Set the depths of each section as needed. M4 mag, handcuffs, taser? The combiniations are endless. Your tools, your way. 


Don't need all three sections all the time? Cut in between the double stitch line and run 2 or just 1. Utilize the additional pouch space.


Opposing hook and loop sides secures the KAI in the kangaroo pouch removing slop and ensuring your equipment stays with you.


Maintains positive control of your equipment with a wide elastic body and the attached webbing loops provides the ability to accept retention bungees. 


Color Black or Ranger Green